The cold shoulder with deconstructed shirts remains hugely popular. Slogan T-Shirts are wardrobe essentials and so are pastel shade denims and pin-corduroys. Florals and Ruffles are occupying more space in everyones wardrobe then ever before.
For women the metallic tops and disco leggings of 80’s are back.
Fashion with function is the rage for 2017. Clothing for both men and women is work-wear inspired with relaxed shapes and muted shades.
High fashion has also introduced lots of color clash. Think bright blue and grass green or purple and red or pink and turquoise. Unleash your color fantasy and you will not go wrong.
If you are not into floral then Graphic Stripes are for you. Not subtle but full on stripes. Bold and robust.
Sports luxe is’nt going anywhere. Athletic wear is being sported by every gender and age at all times. Anoraks, Tracksuits, & Logo Tees dominate the trend.
This year the casual wear has in essence revived the 80’s punk fashion. Radical mix-n-match, wear whatever-whenever-wherever as you imagine and wearing sunglasses at all times specially indoors.