Sustainable living is what the world wants to explore today. Its integral to living a minimalist vegan lifestyle. Committing to Vegan Lifestyle will eliminate many common and trendy textiles from your wardrobe. Thankfully there are many viable alternatives with which you can create a cruelty-free wardrobe. A genuinely Vegan Fabric is the one that avoids cruelty to animals, people and the environment.
Here is our recommendation for a Vegan Wardrobe.
1) Organic Cotton.
2) Modal & Lyocell.
3) Linen.
4) Hemp.
5) Soysilk.
6) Pineapple Leather & Cork Leather.
7) Recycled Nylon.
Leading European Manufacturers have already developed a fine array of vegan fashion fabrics. The fashion designers have got the cue and have started introducing these in their haute couture collection.
While awareness among Asian and Latin American Manufacturers is slowly increasing their resistance to depart from traditional textiles is enormous. Therefore consumer awareness and consequent demand will dictate what markets will require in the future. As of now the Vegan Fashion appears to be very promising.