Bening is a global textile trading agency sourcing quality products for an international network of clients. Established in Jakarta, Indonesia we draw upon more than 25 years of working closely with strategic partners in Brazil, India, Indonesia, Turkey and Spain to ensure we consistently deliver the best product at highly competitive prices. Ultimately, it is our relationships that are our greatest assets. Our mission is to deliver sustained shared value while strengthening the trust and support of our buyers and suppliers.



We manage a portfolio of select source chains across a range of textile products and are dedicated to build a world class international business by stressing on service and performance. We have been connecting our customers to global supply chain with a long-term perspective. We exist to make a difference for our customers – their achievement is a direct reflection of our success. As a business, we embody the spirit of innovation and continuously pursue new projects to foster growth. We adapt with agility to face the new challenges of an evolving and volatile commodity markets. We are always prepared to serve you better.



Customer First.

We exist to solve our customers problems and serve their needs. No matter how big or small the request, we’re always here to listen and find solutions.

Business Ethics.

We are in the “reputation” industry. Transparency and honesty are not values; they are the building blocks of our business.


Our value proposition is peace-of-mind. The assurance of knowing that we will deliver the best product on-time and on-price. That’s what we sell.


We work with an owner’s mentality treating time, money and resources with the same level of urgency that our clients do.



Fashion Trends – 2017

The cold shoulder with deconstructed shirts remains hugely popular. Slogan T-Shirts are wardrobe essentials and so are pastel shade denims and pin-corduroys. Florals and Ruffles are occupying more space in everyones wardrobe then ever before. For women the metallic...

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Vegan Fabric – A New Trend

Sustainable living is what the world wants to explore today. Its integral to living a minimalist vegan lifestyle. Committing to Vegan Lifestyle will eliminate many common and trendy textiles from your wardrobe. Thankfully there are many viable alternatives with which...

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Indonesia GDP Growth in 2017

We will be witnessing a world with creeping protectionism. World trade will definitely shrink. Private consumption which has been bottoming out may slightly improve due to some rebound in commodity prices. Exports may not improve significantly as global economic...

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